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Overview: “ can be your choice if you like friendly service and you don’t want too much from it. Its users are attracted by the smooth learning curve, but its issue with stable download can be the reason to leave.”


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  • Personal Experience¬† is friendly cloud storage that fetches torrents on your behalf and then stores them for you. This storage is either 100 GB or 300 GB for premium users, free is limited by the actual file size (you can download only 1 GB files). It is usable on phones. However, the portrait mode has small graphical bugs. The fact you can torrent anywhere with your phone is often overlooked, but you will find it handy. The only thing you should be careful about is that free users have only an HTTP. The HTTP is not encrypted and shows the whole network what you are downloading. But if you buy the premium plan, you are safe and sound. The entire UI is easy to orient yourself in, and the auto sorting by category is something that just rocks. Have you downloaded a video? There is a category only for them. Have you downloaded a music file? Then you are also covered. You will be thanking for this if you download more than 100 files.

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Adding new torrent is simple, click at the green upload button and paste your direct link or a magnet link. Another way is to click the grey choose file to upload .torrent files. The sub-bar with text “Upload File” (comming soon (ignore the typo, it was evident that meant coming)) has nothing to do with torrents, it is a function that is currently being developed and which will allow you to add any files to your cloud storage.

Torrent Downloading

It seems that Megabox is a leeching client (or it has slower seeding). Its download speed entirely depends on the exact health of particular torrent which is being downloaded. The health of torrent stands for a number of seeds specific file has in its own swarm. As you can see in the speed table, it is instead a faster client than the usual client in this price range.

Both private and public trackers are supported. While public tracker works great, you should be a little bit careful with private trackers because it seems hard to maintain the ratio with this client.

Torrent sizeType  Time
701 MBPublic tracker4 minute 50 seconds
699 MBPrivate tracker10 minutes 22 seconds
5.02 GBPublic tracker25 minutes 3 seconds
5.01 GBPrivate tracker61 minutes 42 seconds

(Tested on torrents from well-known sources torrent files. Seeders 50+.)

dashboard megabox

Offline Downloading

It seems that Megabox main server centre is in Germany, which is an interesting choice due to the legal difficulties of this country. But if leaving that on the side, it is actually a good location because of the excellent connection to most of Europe and North America. Yes, if you are downloading in Canada, Alaska or California, it is not the same speed as in France, for example. However, it is still lovely. Even places like Singapore are surprisingly good. You can see that for yourself in this table.

Testing file sizeUSA ChicagoEU BerlinSG Singapore
5.02 GB⌀ 60.2 Mbps⌀ 121.3 Mbps⌀ 42.3 Mbps

Extra Features

If you are a premium user, you have access to the media player that can handle both video and music files. Music streaming is quite simple, you have the necessary control options (play, pause, and rewind), and the listening experience is quite enjoyable. Streaming video files works nicely as well, the UI is simple, and the only thing missing from perfection is subtitles support. There are many users (I, for example) that like to learn different language via watching content and subtitles are a crucial part of that.

Personal Experience

There is a reason why I rate Megabox. me as the third-best from all tested services. It has excellent storage with auto-sort, friendly client and attractive streaming options. This service has enormous potential, and with the right steps, they can be even higher on the list.

pricing list of Megabox

Simple UIPoor Seeding
Quick DownloadsPrivate Trackers Support
Streaming OptionsNo Subtitles
Graphical Bugs


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