Best Cloud Torrent Clients for 2019

Cloud torrent clients are getting more and more popular every day, due to the security and privacy they provide for users while downloading torrents. They also offer extra features that standard clients do not provide. Since all the downloading happens in the cloud, on the company’s servers, you do not have to worry about mobile data. You can, therefore, use cloud torrent clients on your mobile devices. You just put in the torrent that you want to download, and the torrent client downloads it for you. After the successful fetching of the torrent, the user can download the torrent file to their phone or computer via a secure channel. Your Internet service provider does not see what you are downloading. This feature is why cloud torrent downloaders are ideal for users who have some kind of restrictions, whether it’s at work or governmental laws. Downloading torrents this way is faster, easier, and mainly more secure than your regular desktop clients.

torrenting on laptop at office

Many companies provide cloud torrent downloaders, and at first glance, most of them look the same. Once you researched deeper into what they offer, you will find many differences. We tested 8 of the most popular cloud torrent clients on the market, and we have a complete analysis of them for you.


Now, the most important thing when it comes to downloading torrents. All of the clients we tested provide encrypted connections between the user and the cloud system. Torrents are never downloaded on the user’s side. Everything is downloaded on the company’s servers, so they use their dedicated IP for torrent downloading. The users’ IP is never exposed to the world.

privacy was never more important

A VPN is not needed at all. As a matter of fact, it would slow down the download speed from the cloud storage to your device. Clients like Seedr and Bitport offer extra security in the form of a built-in antivirus, which scans every single downloaded file for viruses.

Torrent downloading

In cloud torrent clients, there are two types of downloading. The first one is torrent fetching to cloud storage, and the second one is downloading offline to a users device. In torrent fetching, we found huge differences between the many different clients. With the eight we tried, we tested the downloading of the same files, which came from public trackers. These two files had 700mb and 5gb. We also tried the same with private trackers. Overall, four torrents were tested, with each one of them having at least 50 active seeders. The fastest clients were Nody and Bitport, both of them even downloaded at high speeds from private trackers.

On the other hand, some had major problems with the download speed. One of them, Streamza, was unable to download from private trackers at all. Seedr was also unable to download from a private tracker but was rather fast in downloading smaller files from public trackers. Well-known Boxopus also downloaded from public trackers really fast but extremely slow from private trackers.

Offline downloading is the downloading of the successfully fetched torrents to the user’s device. The huge advantage here was Bitport and Seeder, who have their servers all around the world. For the maximum download speed, it is important to choose a server that is closest to you. Bitport finds this server by itself.


You can usually guess a quality client just based on the design. Nody has the best design, which offers a user-friendly cloud and shows posters for each torrent file. It is a very handy feature. You can also find a nice design in Bitport, who thrives in a user-friendly experience. Another noteworthy client is Megabox, which offers many elegant animations. A slightly above average is Boxopus, which has a minimalistic design and a great logo. Next in line would be Seedr, which has a lot of problems with formatting various web elements, and the design is not consistent at all. It looks like Seedr created many designs at the same time and used little bits and pieces of each. Furk and Zbigz have a utilitarian design, but it is very outdated now. The worst design by far has Streamza. It looks like a big mess with a lot of the links not working.

the best design patterns

Video player

This tool is very useful if you want to stream the videos right from the web without having to download anything to your computer. Unfortunately, some clients do not offer this feature at all. Boxopus lacks this feature completely, while Zbigz, Furk, and Streamza have a video player with only the basic features. They do not include extra features like SD/HD playback and subtitles. Next, Seedr, Nody, and Streamza contain the previously mentioned features with Seedr also, offering a live streaming feature. The best video player is from Bitport. Although it doesn’t have the fastest converting, it streams all types of videos, including 4k in 60fps.

Extra features

It is important to also look at the extra features when picking a torrent client. Most of the clients have a browser plugin which you can use to add torrents directly to the client with one click in the browser. Next is a mobile phone app. It usually offers the viewing of the videos, and some offer the ability to download offline. Boxopus, Streamza, Bitport, and Furk provide Android app. The iOS app is offered by Bitport only, which also provides an app for Apple TV.

We are sure you can imagine a situation where you need to download some files to your Dropbox or Google Drive instead of your computer. Downloading to Google Drive is offered by Bitport and Boxopus, who also provides a download to Box. Bitport is the best when it comes to automatization. They offer an RSS feed, which automatically downloads new torrents to your cloud, which can also be combined with their PC sync client. Seedr, Bitport, and Zbigz offer an interesting affiliate program.


If you try to download ten torrents, and only seven of them get downloaded, then you really cannot rely on the torrent client. We recommend that you find reviews of others before paying for a torrent client. Some clients, for example, Boxopus, have a lot of server outages, so you have to be careful. If your desired torrent client offers a trial plan, then definitely try it before buying the full version.


The results, based on our tests, are following.

The best cloud torrent client is, especially for its extra features, reliability and the fast download speeds. The second is It has a nice design with a social sharing feature. The third is Megabox, which combines a great overall experience from a start to the end.



4.7 out of 5 stars


4.2 out of 5 stars


3.8 out of 5 stars


3.5 out of 5 stars


3.4 out of 5 stars


3.3 out of 5 stars


3 out of 5 stars


2.7 out of 5 stars

What do you think? Do you have the same experience? Let us know in the comments below. review Logo Main

Overview: is truly a miracle. It offers excellent services for a reasonable price. Nody has a great design and offers handy features and also has the fastest technical support among all competitors. 

Nody was established in the year 2015 and quickly gained many fans. It combines cloud torrent downloading with your personal video library. Everything is in a nice design, which is easy to use. 


  • Torrent Client
  • Torrent Fetching
  • Downloading Offline
  • Cloud Storage
  • Video Player
  • Features
  • Payment Options
  • Personal Observations
  • Summary

Torrent Client

The best part about is that right after logging in, you can see what torrents you can download immediately without waiting. Using the Discover button on the sidebar, you can browse already downloaded torrents. Videos are presented by its poster, which makes it very eye-catchy. 

Nody Videos

Adding torrents is easy; you can enter your torrents using magnet links, or upload it directly from your PC. Something amazing is that you can search directly for torrents. Just enter keywords into the top search bar, and you will get the results right away. It is especially handy if you do not have access to torrent trackers. is a combination of a torrent client and torrent trackers. Great Idea. 

Also, Nody lets you download files for cyberlockers and other sources.

Torrent fetching

Other users have already downloaded the torrents from the Discover section, so the torrent client does not have to download them again. You will save a lot of time not having to download it again. Unfortunately, if you are looking for something that is not there, the downloading is very slow. 

Torrent sizeType  Time
701 MBPublic tracker1 hour 13 minutes
699 MBPrivate tracker3 hours 54 minutes
5.02 GBPublic tracker11 hours 26 minutes
5.01 GBPrivate tracker9 hours 56 minutes

(Tested on torrents from well-known sources torrent files. Seeders 50+.)

Our tip: Before downloading a torrent, try to search for the torrent in Discover section. If it is a popular torrent, the probability that it has already been downloaded is high. You will end up saving a lot of time. 

Downloading offline

The Nody do not have their server network, and all is centralized in one location, but the speeds are great. 

Testing file sizeUSA ChicagoEU BerlinSG Singapore
5.02 GB⌀ 201.4 Mbps⌀ 263.8 Mbps⌀ 112.4 Mbps

(Tested on VPS servers from OVH connected to spine network, average speeds. Speeds on regular ISP can vary.)

Connections are of course encrypted.

Cloud storage

It is divided into a few sections. First is Discover, where you can find new favourite torrents across the community. The main section is called My Files, and it works as a browser where you can manage your files. The manager looks good, and it is easy to use. 

Nody Speeds

On a mobile phone, the layout is not the best one, but it does its job. Nody has social features. You can suggest torrents to your friends or add torrents to favourites and share the list with them. 

Video player

It has basic functions. There is no option to upload your subtitles, but you can load subtitles from third-party sources like Opensubtitles. It works good on smartphones, but the implementation is not 100% iOS friendly. The player can stream videos in HD, but all videos are unfortunately converted to 30 fps quality. So if you have a high frame rate video, usually 60 fps, it will be converted to 30 fps. 

Extra features

The Discover section is a useful tool. You can use a browser and download torrents which were downloaded by other users and save time. Another noteworthy feature is FTP. Using Filezilla or another FTP client, you can download files from Nody to your PC quickly. It is more convenient than downloading each file by using an internet browser. 

Personal observations

The staff of Nody is very friendly. They care about their users. I had a problem with stuck torrent, and they replied within half an hour. The Help section is detailed, and you can find there a lot of tips and tricks how to use Nody as a power user. The social sharing was not working correctly, with my colleague, we could share files, but we were not able to play them. 

Pros & Cons

Great cloud designOnly basic video player
Kind technical supportCan not convert to 60 fps
Fast downloading speeds
Social features

How to uninstall uTorrent

uTorrent Uninstall

uTorrent is a Windows-friendly peer to peer (p2p) BitTorrent client. It is a unique torrenting software offering features such as:

  • Bandwidth prioritization.
  • RSS Auto-Downloading.
  • Torrents search engine.
  • Mainline DHT.

Perhaps, one of the best benefits of using uTorrent is that it doesn’t consume that much of memory; thus, it doesn’t slow down your computer. At least, according to the advertisements.

A quick trip to the reviews put up by avid torrent users says otherwise.

uTorrent Pro has a built-in Anti-virus, which can significantly drag your internet speed down and freeze your computer.

Furthermore, using uTorrent without VPN or other protection will expose your IP address to everyone involved, including trolls, copyright bots, and hackers. While you may not be downloading copyrighted material, you’re still exposing a personal piece of information that can be used to identify you.

If you don’t download torrents anymore, if you don’t use torrent any longer, it is best to remove the program from your system. How? Follow the instructions to learn how:

Manual uninstallation of uTorrent

To avoid a conflict, you must first ensure that uTorrent isn’t running on your system. If it’s running in the background, you can’t remove it. So, how to close it completely? Press Alt + Ctrl + Del and open the Windows Task Manager. Locate uTorrent.exe and click on End Task.

uTorrent Task Manager

Once you’ve shut down the program completely, go to your desktop, locate the uTorrent shortcut icon. Left-click > Properties > Open File Location > Delete everything in this folder and then delete the folder.

Uninstall uTorrent from Programs and Features

  • Click the Start menu button on the bottom-left of your screen.
  • In the Cortana search box type “control panel.”
  • Click the Programs and Features icon.
  • Locate uTorrent and click Uninstall, and follow the prompts to uninstall uTorrent.
  • Reboot your computer.

How uninstall uTorrent

Remove uTorrent registry remains

  • Press “Windows + R” > Type “regedit” > click OK.
  • Click File > Export to create a backup.
  • Press Ctrl + F > Type “uTorrent” and delete all the entries that come up.
  • Reboot your computer again.

Warning: Be careful when using the registry editor. Ensure that you create multiple backups before deleting anything. When in doubt, don’t delete it.

How to Download Torrents without uTorrent

Congratulations, now you’ve removed uTorrent and cleaned your computer. If you still want to download torrents, you can do it using a program called Bitport.

What is Bitport? Bitport is a torrent client that belongs to the cloud torrent clients family. Instead of downloading torrents to your computer using a local torrent client, cloud torrent clients download the file for you on their servers.

Therefore, you can either stream the files on your device or download the torrent as a direct link.

For example, when you want to download a song. You enter the link to the torrent in Bitport, and it will download it and then store it for you in the cloud.

You never use your computer except to enter the torrent link into the cloud torrent client. You never reveal your IP because Bitport will take care of everything, giving you a direct download link at the end.

Bitport is safe, secure, and fast.

A free account is more than enough if you don’t plan on downloading a lot of torrents. A free account gives you 1 GB of cloud storage and the ability to download one torrent every 24 hours.

You can download the torrents you want and once the storage is full, delete everything and start again.

If you download a lot of torrents. Sign up for a premium account for $5 every month. You’ll get 30 GB of cloud storage and the ability to download multiple torrents at the same time.

Check it out, cloud torrenting is the future of downloading torrents.

How to download torrents

Never Get Busted Downloading Torrents

Disclaimer: We don’t promote downloading any content that is under the protection of copyright laws.

Thou Shalt Not Download Torrents


Today, the music industry launch many campaigns to stop illegal downloading with torrenting. But millions and millions of users continue to download music.

Downloading copyrighted material is not encouraged. And special security measures are needed when downloading torrents. Torrent websites offer a lot of free products, including music video clips, movies, and games.

Many countries around the world ban torrent downloading. For good reasons, illegal torrenting cause economic damage by hurting both the artists and the production companies. Every year, it costs the economy billions of dollars in lost revenue.

They Are Watching You

Watching you

The legal departments in the big companies are watching users. Along with their efforts to shut down torrent websites by passing laws that ban illegal torrenting, they also participate in downloading torrents.

They are looking for one piece of vital information. What is it? Your IP address. Once they get your IP they can send you a warning message, or your ISP will do it for them.

Assuming you are using “unprotected” torrenting, that is downloading torrents without a VPN (masking your IP), you’re broadcasting your IP for all to see. Even if you’re using torrents privately, you aren’t safe. Illegal downloading is illegal downloading, whether you’re the founder of a large torrent website or download one torrent every now and then.


By using any BitTorrent client, your IP address will show up in the list of peers when downloading torrents. Go to What Is My IP, and see your public IP.

What is my IP

How to Hide Your IP Address

If you want to give your ISP a fake IP address, use a VPN service. is one perfect example of excellent VPN services; it hides your tracks, which is useful for torrenting. Remember that not all VPNs are good for torrenting.

Using services like, you can safely hide your IP from everybody.

Hiding your identity while torrenting should be a priority, especially if the laws prohibit torrenting in your country.

In other words, unless you are living in Switzerland, hiding your tracks is mandatory. Never download or upload torrents without VPN.

Cloud Torrenting for the Rescue

Bittorrent Save

There are many precautions you can take to hide yourself:

  • Use Bitcoin to purchase foreign VPN services.
  • Use a dedicated seedbox for downloading and uploading.
  • Use a dedicated laptop for torrenting.
  • Use Tor to download torrent files and copy magnet links.
  • Use firewalls.
  • Use common sense.

But the VPN setup is not the only option.

Downloading torrents on a dedicated server and storing the files in cloud storage is referred to as a cloud torrenting.

Using a cloud torrenting service, you copy or upload the torrent file, and it’ll download the torrents and save them for you. At last, you download the files to your hard drive via an encrypted connection.

Cloud torrenting represents a viable alternative and protects your identity at each step of the way.

It’s a seedbox, it’s cloud storage, it’s Bitport

Many torrent downloaders use a VPN and a desktop client such as Vuze, but cloud clients such as Bitport offer a simple interface and a safe alternative.

With clients like Bitport, you don’t need to cover your tracks because there won’t be any. And you can start for free.


Because running a successful tracker is extremely protective, elite torrent downloaders who download and upload vast amounts of data use seedboxes. Essentially, these are remote servers with nearly unlimited bandwidth to download and upload torrents at high speeds.

These seedboxes are relatively expensive and not accessible to everyone.

Here’s where Bitport comes in. A torrent client in the cloud, Bitport is simple and straightforward with no complicated setup.

To start, you only need to register a free account and copy\paste a torrent link. Bitport takes it from there while you’re untraceable in the background doing whatever you want with your protected privacy.

A simple interface

After downloading the files to your cloud storage, you can download them with a click of a button to your hard drive.

With “premium account for $5/month, users can get unlimited download speed, 250 GB of cloud storage, antivirus scanning, and HTTPS (secure) downloads,” according to Bitport’s FAQ.

But it doesn’t end here.

You have complete control over the files in your cloud drive. You can stream them, download them, or store them. There are other perks such as storing files to your Google Drive, upload subtitles, or stream using VLC or other players.

Bitport is browser-based so users can access it from any device. It supports private trackers as well. Offering four packages to fit users’ needs, Bitport also offers a free account with limited options for trial.

More Cloud Torrent Clients

Bitport isn’t the only cloud torrent client, but it’s the best. There are: A torrent website combining all the benefits of torrent downloading in one service. grants you access to a directory of the latest torrents where you can download, stream, and store them in the cloud. Also offers a free account where you can store and download media files. Browser-based, increases your privacy by downloading and storing the torrents for you. 

Sites like Zbigz


ZbigZ helps you start downloading torrents from your browser without installing any software. The premium services provide high speed downloading and ample cloud storage, but the free service does not do so much. Slow downloading and trouble with server caching makes it a frustrating experience.

So, how to solve the problem? You either sign up for the premium features or find an alternative. There are plenty of alternatives to ZbigZ, and they are all great, providing high speed downloading without server lagging. If you need lightning-fast speed or more storage checkout Bitport,, or

While popular torrent websites get taken down all the time, new websites take their place. In other words, there are many torrent websites to choose from.

Alternatives to ZbigZ

Leaving ZbigZ behind, one of the best alternatives is Bitport. Offering speed and stability, Bitport makes cloud torrenting a child play. Compatibility is also made possible where users can stream media files across many devices from PC, iOS devices, to Kodi. With advanced security measures, it’s difficult for ISP to track any torrenting activity on Bitport. Reliable servers are available for both free and premium users, so slow downloading is a thing of the past with Bitport. Since Bitport caches torrents, there’s no need to worry about a few numbers of “seeders.”

Bitport and Usability

It’s always wise to use a dedicated email to sign up for a free account. A free account gives users the ability to download one torrent every 24 hours, with a maximum size of 1 GB. Unlike ZbigZ, users can enjoy unlimited speed and bandwidth when downloading torrents.

They can also access the downloaded files via browsers such as Firefox and on the mobile app. With a premium account, users can take advantage of additional features including advanced virus scanning, five download slots, and encrypted connection. A basic package starts at $5/month, but users who prefer more power opt-in go for bigger packages.

By default, ISPs monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic. ISP can detect torrent activity and warn users accordingly. Users who don’t take their privacy seriously are subjecting themselves to heavy fines and (possibly) a court visit. Long-time torrent downloaders use a VPN service as an extra layer of protection. A VPN can also help users access blocked websites. It’s highly recommended to use a VPN service to obscure traffic, so it’s near impossible to track torrenting activity.

With a powerful cloud torrent clients and a VPN service, it’s easy for torrent fans to activate stealth mode and enjoy a certain level of privacy in the internet jungle. ZbigZ Alternative is the coolest. With an intuitive design, improved accessibility, and built-in torrent search engine, torrent downloading is a breeze. Even beginners are comfortable around as it doesn’t require a learning curve. It is supercharged, efficient, and supports download resume.

Users can bypass ISP monitoring and start downloading torrents in a few minutes. It is as easy as upload a .torrent file or copy\paste magnet links. Once the download is complete, they can use their favourite download manager to download the files directly. Affordable rates, accelerated download, increased privacy, what more can a torrent downloaders ask for?

Storage is never a concern with as it can handle large and small files with the same quality.

Another superb alternative to ZbigZ would be With ample cloud storage, downloading large files is fast and reliable.

Because of the downloading that works through secure servers on the cloud, it’s virtually untraceable. When it comes to features, has it all. Unlimited traffic, user-friendly interface, and even security add-ons. also provide legal, free torrents for users who are worried about their privacy. Not only can users browse a vast directory of torrents, but they also get to stream files directly without the need to download anything.

With an embedded video player, users can consume specific files within the torrent file. That’s how they never need to download the entire file before viewing. With premium features as low as $5/month, it’s a steal. Premium Features:

  • Cloud storage with the ability to use download managers, such as Internet Download Manager for downloading files to a local storage device.
  • Easy to use interface that allows great flexibility.
  • Access to several torrent websites straight from the app.
  • Choosing files from within a torrent file.
  • Streaming video content online.
  • Compatible with most devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Affordable rates and friendly customer service.


No doubt, ZbigZ is a great cloud-based torrent client. But it’s not the only one out there. Alternate clients are as great and even better. It’s up to users to find and use them. As always, we advise all torrent lovers to take their privacy seriously and prioritize their safety. The alternatives mentioned in this article can and will help users navigate the torrent universe in stealth mode. In the end, it’s up to users to take care of hiding their identity while engaging in torrenting.

Seedr alternative

Seedr logo

If you belong to the vast majority of torrent downloaders, you probably use desktop clients such as uTorrent or BitTorrent. But Seedr is known as one of the fastest cloud torrent clients.

Seedr cloud

It’s easy to grasp. A free account lets you download up to 2 GB of free cloud storage. And if you share your experience about it on social media, you receive more storage as a reward.

However, it’s an excellent method for downloading torrents when you are worried about your privacy as it’ll download the content for you. You can forget about ISP throttling/monitoring.

Unfortunately, nothing good lasts forever.

Seedr comes with its share of problems. Slow server, bugs, and absurd offers, just to mention a few issues.

So, what’s an excellent alternative to Seedr?
In fact, there’s plenty of alternatives to Seedr. Take your pick. Below, you’ll find out all about the big players in the cloud torrenting world. An Excellent Alternative for Seedr

Seedr alternative offers excellent value for a wide base of fans. Wanna know the best part? Intuitive design, fast downloads and excellent tech support.

It is more than a cloud torrent downloader. It is also a basic video player, social features, and a built-in torrent search engine. So you can view, share and stream torrent files without the need to download anything on your physical hard drive.

Seedr cloud

The “Discover” tab also brings you the latest, popular torrents for downloading, which saves you time since other users downloaded those torrents. Otherwise, you can upload your torrent files or copy\paste torrent magnet links in the app, which isn’t always the fastest option with new or less seeded torrents.

Another feature worthy of mention is the ability to access your files through FTP using FTP clients such as FileZilla. That way, you don’t need to download your files separately through the browser downloader which is less than reliable. another Excellent Seedr Alternative

Megabox title

When it comes to cloud torrenting various media files, apps like Seedr have simplified the process. Boiling it down to copy and paste. No advanced tech skills required.

The same applies to You never need to worry about download speed, uploading, share ratio. Copy the magnet link or upload the torrent file and let it do the job while you sit back and relax.

A free account isn’t the best, but it’s enough to give it a try. On the other hand, premium membership makes a lot of sense. At $9.90/month for unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, and 100 GB of cloud storage, it’s a no-brainer.

Megabox cloud

Throw in another $10 and for $19.90/month you get the same features but with 300 GB storage. Granted, Seedr is cheaper. But if you were looking for a quality alternative to Seedr, is the way to go.

Bitport: The Ultimate Alternative to Seedr

Bitport cloud is the most established cloud torrent downloader on the scene. A strong contender represents an excellent alternative not only to Seedr but also to several others.

All you need to start downloading is your browser. Across all devices, you can store or stream your media, even iOS devices, including the iPhone. No software required. Though, the Bitport app on the iPhone allows you to store and play your torrents offline as well.

Bitport mobile

Optimized for maximum anonymity and privacy, Bitport accepts payments through Bitcoin. As with other cloud torrenting clients, no need for VPN services. With an excellent 24/7 chat support, it represents an excellent alternative to Seedr.

Optimized for maximum anonymity and privacy, Bitport accepts payments through Bitcoin. As with other cloud torrenting clients, no need for VPN services, plus Bitport has an excellent 24/7 chat support. Given the facts, it represents an excellent alternative to Seedr.

Private internet access uTorrent

Private Internet Access (PIA) is one of the biggest (if not the ultimate) Virtual private network (VPN) service provider in the world. It’s the first choice of torrent users who want to stay anonymous. Simply put, PIA is affordable, built with torrent downloading in mind, and most of all, secure.

Unlike other VPN services, PIA offers both VPN and non-logging SOCKS proxy service. Not to mention, the potential of using a proxy while downloading torrents will enhance your security to no limit.

Private Internet Access: Quick Overview:

Private Internet Access is the most popular VPN service amongst torrent users, for strong reasons. It makes an excellent beginner’s VPN because of its simplicity, among other things that we’ll cover in the next lines.

No VPN Traffic Logs: Based in the USA, VPN services like PIA are not required to keep VPN logs. Thus, PIA doesn’t keep records that can be hacked and trace back to the user. Moreover, they don’t store metadata/connection logs, which differentiate them from most of the other VPN services out there. 

Built with Torrenting in Mind: One of the strongest VPN services because it has 3000+ servers around the world. Best of all, there are zero restrictions on torrenting. And their unique technology allows rerouting of connection for maximum speed possible.

Secure Technology: PIA’s use military-grade 256-bit encryption to encrypt and decrypt data. It’s brute-force proof with options to configure your security level.

Using PIA’s VPN/Proxy to Download Torrents

All PIA members enjoy VPN service AND anonymous SOCKS proxy service. And that allows more options when it comes to anonymous torrenting.

Wanna know the best part? Users can use both the VPN and proxy at the same time. But the benefits of both technologies should be made clear: 

Using Proxy Alone

Normally, faster than using VPN alone, but it’s less secure since users need to configure their torrent client’s built-in encryption options. This thing may conflict with the Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) rules and guidelines regarding torrenting.

Yet, it’s the best way to change the torrent IP and keep the browser’s IP unchanged. 

Using VPN Alone

A VPN is impossible to break with military-grade encryption. The ISP isn’t able to find out what’s going on. It helps users appear to be browsing from a different country altogether. And with many servers, PIA allows users to “travel the world.”

The downloading speed might get slow. And the torrent IP address is the same as the browsing IP address. 

Using Both VPN and Proxy

It gets better! When combining VPN and Proxy users can get strong encryption, more anonymity (with two different IPs), on top of that, users browse and download torrents anonymously.

In a perfect world, users should use a VPN service from a different company than the anonymous SOCKS proxy service for better security. But many users sign up with PIA to save $$$. If you think that PIA isn’t for you, you can use cloud torrenting services, which forsake the need for VPN and proxy altogether.

But first, let’s see how PIA works with torrent clients such as uTorrent. 

PIA Proxy for uTorrent

Open proxy settings in uTorrent by going to:

Options > Preferences > Connection or Ctrl-P from the main user interface.

Under “Proxy Server” tab enter the following information:

Type: Socks5


Port: 1080

Username: given to you by PIA

Password: given to you by PIA

Ensure that you check all the six boxes to avoid leaking your personal information via uTorrent.

The next step is encryption. If you’re using proxy alone, this step will bypass ISP restrictions but may disconnect you from a large number of peers.

Encryption Settings for uTorrent

Go to Menu > Options > Preferences > BitTorrent, under Protocol Encryption choose “Forced,” and uncheck “Allow incoming legacy connections.”

While it’s not bulletproof, uTorrent’s built-in encryption is good enough because it can help speed up downloading if your ISP is throttling or slowing torrenting. 

What to Do When PIA Fails?

Using a VPN is all fine and dandy, but what if it doesn’t work? Remember when we mentioned cloud torrenting earlier? It’s the rightful alternative when it comes to torrenting without VPN.

You probably already use the cloud in one form or another, Google Drive comes to mind. So why not use it for torrenting. Certainly, the future is for the cloud.

Imagine having a dedicated Google Drive to download torrent to, saving yourself storage space and bandwidth. You wouldn’t need to worry about blocking torrent websites anymore.

It offers the same benefits of VPN and proxy and more. Private, secure, and fast, cloud torrenting allows accessibility as well. 

Why Choose Cloud Torrent Services

Torrent from anywhere and don’t worry about setting up VPN nor DNS leakage. That’s because your torrenting is as simple as copy and paste. Though, it helps to use a VPN service when you download content directly to your hard drive.

Don’t worry about seeding, because cloud torrents, including, are pre-configured to seed files to the 1:1 ratio. If you want more, contact them, and they’ll configure it to the rate you want.

Cloud torrenting runs on servers built and dedicated to torrenting alone. Everything is optimized for torrenting, and so it’s like owning a torrenting machine with maximum capabilities. Downloaded files are also made available on many devices, including Android, iOS, and Smart TVs. 

How to Get Started

Starting with cloud torrenting requires only a browser. It’s a child play. All you need is a device with an internet connection, and an account on one of the services such as Bitport, Nody, or Megabox. Register a free account, and you’re good to go.

These services offer a free account so you can try the services with some limitations on size and number of downloads.

If you want the best provider, stick to Bitport. It’s easy to join private trackers and improve your rank with dedicated cloud torrenting service. If you love simplicity, Bitport is a wise choice for you. It lets you download and stream torrents at any time and from anywhere.

How big is Porn?

The adult entertainment industry attracts a huge percentage of traffic to porn websites. Popular porn websites are attracting more traffic than internet giants such as Amazon.

According to the statistics, 35% of all internet downloads are related to porn. The internet made porn accessible on a scale never seen before via mobiles, laptops, and tablets, and more devices. Many countries are trying to ban porn, but the results are the opposite of the desired outcome. Porn torrent websites became more used along with free porn streaming websites. People watch billions of hours of porn each month. The lawsuits will take time until they become effective.

porn torrent

How users download porn torrents?

A substantial percentage of torrent downloads is related to porn. Users who download porn through p2p networks usually use a torrent cloud service like Bitport to cover their tracks. Especially if they’re using a computer in work or school.

For example, a user can use a browser to access the porn site, copy the torrent link of the desired file, and paste in the torrent cloud client. Once the downloading is complete, the user can stream the video or save it for later viewing at home.

The strength of torrent clients such as Bitport is that they work from the browser alone. No need to use a VPN, it’s completely automated torrent downloading.

It isn’t exactly clear why users download porn torrents, given the abundance of free porn streaming websites. Even then, they are far less likely to receive copyright complaints if they use cloud torrent clients because of safety and anonymity.

Are you suffering from slow download speed while torrenting?

In some countries, internet service providers (ISP) are required by law to slow down p2p (torrent) downloading speed. So, if you’re using one of those desktop clients, your download speed will be greatly hampered.

It is because of unethical individuals distributing copyrighted material through torrent websites. Those illegal websites are running and hiding from the authorities like Tom and Jerry.

Therefore, some states and countries ban torrents altogether.

Even where torrenting is legal, some clients require advanced router configurations before torrents can reach full download speed.

Luckily, there are dozens of clean, free, and legal torrent communities that you can join to download terabytes of free games, music, software, and movies.

However, if regular torrent clients are not working for you for whatever reason but you still want to download torrents, don’t give up.

What is the best way to download torrents?

The answer is simple. It is something called cloud torrent service. What is it? And how does it work?

A cloud torrent service is a simple torrent service that offers cloud storage where you can store all your downloaded torrents. You don’t need to handle the downloading because that service will do the downloading for you at high speed.

You need only to enter the link to the torrent and sit back while the downloading is complete. You can do it through your web browser on your mobile phone. And if you wish, save the files to your local hard drive through encrypted\secured connection.

A cloud torrent service will help you save a lot of storage space on your hard drive that you can use for other things. Not to mention, it’s completely safe and secure.

3 Top Cloud Torrent Services

Everything in life is about choice. It’s not different with torrent services! There are many options when it comes to cloud torrent services. We’ve saved your time by bringing you the best of them. You can use any of these to download torrents without a torrent client! is more of a torrent directory where you can download torrents directly. Instead of inserting a torrent magnet link, you can browse hundreds of new torrents that are added daily.

Sign up for a free account and search directly on You don’t need to find a torrent website because you can search for torrents in And because other users already downloaded those torrents, it’ll be much faster than grabbing a torrent file or magnet link.

Furthermore, you can download the torrents straight to your cloud storage where you can stream them online or save them to your hard drive.

Bitport is an excellent cloud torrent client offering a no-strings-attached 1 GB of free cloud storage. While downloading is not secured on that free plan, for a premium subscription that costs as little as 5$/month you can upgrade storage to 30 GB. Plus, have direct HTTPS downloads (secure), and get five download slots.

After downloading, Bitport will continue to seed the downloaded files, so that means more download speed for other users. Whether you are using an iOS or Android device, you can download the files on your device.

Remember: Use UC Browser to allow pause\resume downloading. is a cloud drive that offers you to download files with the BitTorrent protocol. Using their servers, you can cache the files and fetch them. So, you are the only one who can reach the files, and doesn’t even know what’s inside the files. They do it all on your behalf.

With the classic offer both free and premium cloud storage for torrenting, offers a lifetime of torrent downloading safely and securely.

Why use torrent cloud storage?

Using the cloud is where the world heads. It makes sense to adopt this new technology to store your large files. Keeping your files in the cloud is a safe thing to do. So if you lose your physical hard drive is lost or damaged, you’ll have your files securely stored for you where you can access them from any device.

A lot of people don’t realize that they could lose their files forever if they store them on a physical hard drive. Not only will you have extra free storage but also you’ll free your bandwidth to use for work or play instead of dedicating it to downloading torrents.

You’ll also save money spent on storage gadgets since you’ll pay a percentage of what you would have paid for purchasing storage units. 

But, What is Torrenting?

You might be wondering what is torrenting.

Torrenting is a file-sharing system that relies on the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, BitTorrent emerged as the undisputed king of file-sharing. It has gained a dangerous edge with more users using it to share copyrighted material.

Most of all, torrenting is a decentralized way of sharing files where users share bits and pieces of files. Thus, torrent downloaders rely on many sources instead of one overloaded server.

The widespread use of BitTorrent by pirates made Internet Service Providers (ISPs) interested in torrenting. Legal or illegal, ISPs are interested in torrenting, which made users seek privacy and speed in Virtual Private Networks (VPNs.)

These VPNs help encrypt the data users send and receive so that nobody can monitor any online activity, including torrenting. Here’s the deal. Not all VPN services allow torrenting. One of those VPNs that do allow torrenting is Avast SecureLine VPN but before we get into it, here’s a summary of what is a VPN.

VP what?

Internet security is an elusive goal. Users who surf the internet can be monitored and tracked without even realizing it. In other words, it’s not secure. It’s no different than using a public Wi-Fi network where users can easily tap into each other’s traffic. Unethical individuals can even create a bogus Wi-Fi network to lure in unsuspecting victims.

While surfing the internet, users leave a digital footprint everywhere they go. Using their IP address, advertisers and spies can follow them around, gathering every piece of information they can get. Even the ISPs do that. Everybody is mining for this valuable data because they can sell it (legally) to the highest bidder.

A recent development in this regard was the passing of the net neutrality bill, which gives ISPs more powers to control the internet. Don’t be surprised when you are forced to pay to use public free websites such as Facebook and Twitter. That law will force companies to pay for high speed and access to the public. That remains to be seen.

But VPNs can change all that. By creating a protective shield around traffic sources, it’s difficult for ISPs to know what the user is doing. A VPN client encrypts the data, so the user’s activity is cloaked. As a result, users hide behind a fake IP address. In a nutshell, even if you’re not torrenting, using a VPN is a wise investment in your online security.

Make no mistake, a VPN can protect your identity online, but it doesn’t make you invincible. Think of it as an extra hurdle that stops hackers from attacking you. Remember that any system is hackable with enough time, money, and determination. That doesn’t mean that you should give up. It means you should go the extra mile to secure your online presence by installing good antivirus software and the whole nine yards.

Avast SecureLine VPN

Avast VPN

SecureLine is an award-winning VPN service that comes from the internet security giant Avast. Being a few years old with more established competitors, how does Avast SecureLine VPN compare?

How fast is it? Secure? Can you use it for torrenting?

The answers are within the next few paragraphs.

All VPN services claim that they use advanced encryption methods. What makes SecureLine unique is the sheer number of connected devices that feeds into the artificial intelligence engine. Supposedly, that data facilitate faster machine learning.

It’s safe to say that it delivers on the advanced technology promise. Therefore, users get the benefits of using a VPN service created by an online security powerhouse like Avast.

When it comes to compatibility, it works on all devices. Though, users must pay extra to be able to use it on all devices. The software itself doesn’t offer any protection for the router as it works on a PC or a mobile.

With 52 servers in 33 cities around the globe, and expanding, SecureLine is still falling behind competitors who have thousands of servers around the world. On the bright side, SecureLine does come with a kill switch, which makes it a torrent-friendly VPN. A kill switch would abort all traffic automatically if the connection to the VPN dropped for any reason.

In short, SecureLine is:

  • Well-encrypted.
  • Torrent-friendly.
  • Truly fast.
  • Easy to use.

But it’s also pricey and doesn’t play well with some streaming services such as Netflix.

Cloud Torrent Downloader

The current standard setup for downloading torrents is a VPN service and a desktop torrent client. But did you know that you can use a Cloud Torrent Downloader?

These cloud torrenting services cut through the noise and allow users to convert torrent links into a direct link. Combined with a VPN service, advertisers and hackers can’t monitor your online activity. It works smoothly in countries and regions where the governments or ISPs limit torrent usage.

Even in universities and workplaces that block peer-to-peer networking, cloud torrenting is the way around it. is one of the most popular choices when it comes to cloud torrent clients. It has a simple and intuitive UI and many streaming options.

Users can stream files straight from their web browser on any PC, mobile device, smart TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast. Premium accounts offer more privacy options such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection, anti-virus scan, which is available only on Bitport.

The free account gives users up to 2 GB of cloud storage but limits them to one download every 24 hours. Still, the speed can be unlimited, that means it takes Bitport a few seconds to download a 1 GB torrent.


Torrenting requires taking specific security measures, such as using a VPN service. While it opens a whole new world of file-sharing, torrenting also makes users vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It’s always wise to err on the side of caution while torrenting.

Not all VPNs are built for torrenting. Though, Avast SecureLine VPN is not one of those.

Combining a VPN service with antivirus software can provide a high level of privacy and security.

For complete, near bulletproof torrenting setup, users need to sign up for cloud torrenting services such as Bitport,, or