Are you suffering from slow download speed while torrenting?

In some countries, internet service providers (ISP) are required by law to slow down p2p (torrent) downloading speed. So, if you’re using one of those desktop clients, your download speed will be greatly hampered.

It is because of unethical individuals distributing copyrighted material through torrent websites. Those illegal websites are running and hiding from the authorities like Tom and Jerry.

Therefore, some states and countries ban torrents altogether.

Even where torrenting is legal, some clients require advanced router configurations before torrents can reach full download speed.

Luckily, there are dozens of clean, free, and legal torrent communities that you can join to download terabytes of free games, music, software, and movies.

However, if regular torrent clients are not working for you for whatever reason but you still want to download torrents, don’t give up.

What is the best way to download torrents?

The answer is simple. It is something called cloud torrent service. What is it? And how does it work?

A cloud torrent service is a simple torrent service that offers cloud storage where you can store all your downloaded torrents. You don’t need to handle the downloading because that service will do the downloading for you at high speed.

You need only to enter the link to the torrent and sit back while the downloading is complete. You can do it through your web browser on your mobile phone. And if you wish, save the files to your local hard drive through encrypted\secured connection.

A cloud torrent service will help you save a lot of storage space on your hard drive that you can use for other things. Not to mention, it’s completely safe and secure.

3 Top Cloud Torrent Services

Everything in life is about choice. It’s not different with torrent services! There are many options when it comes to cloud torrent services. We’ve saved your time by bringing you the best of them. You can use any of these to download torrents without a torrent client! is more of a torrent directory where you can download torrents directly. Instead of inserting a torrent magnet link, you can browse hundreds of new torrents that are added daily.

Sign up for a free account and search directly on You don’t need to find a torrent website because you can search for torrents in And because other users already downloaded those torrents, it’ll be much faster than grabbing a torrent file or magnet link.

Furthermore, you can download the torrents straight to your cloud storage where you can stream them online or save them to your hard drive.

Bitport is an excellent cloud torrent client offering a no-strings-attached 1 GB of free cloud storage. While downloading is not secured on that free plan, for a premium subscription that costs as little as 5$/month you can upgrade storage to 30 GB. Plus, have direct HTTPS downloads (secure), and get five download slots.

After downloading, Bitport will continue to seed the downloaded files, so that means more download speed for other users. Whether you are using an iOS or Android device, you can download the files on your device.

Remember: Use UC Browser to allow pause\resume downloading. is a cloud drive that offers you to download files with the BitTorrent protocol. Using their servers, you can cache the files and fetch them. So, you are the only one who can reach the files, and doesn’t even know what’s inside the files. They do it all on your behalf.

With the classic offer both free and premium cloud storage for torrenting, offers a lifetime of torrent downloading safely and securely.

Why use torrent cloud storage?

Using the cloud is where the world heads. It makes sense to adopt this new technology to store your large files. Keeping your files in the cloud is a safe thing to do. So if you lose your physical hard drive is lost or damaged, you’ll have your files securely stored for you where you can access them from any device.

A lot of people don’t realize that they could lose their files forever if they store them on a physical hard drive. Not only will you have extra free storage but also you’ll free your bandwidth to use for work or play instead of dedicating it to downloading torrents.

You’ll also save money spent on storage gadgets since you’ll pay a percentage of what you would have paid for purchasing storage units. 

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