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ZbigZ helps you start downloading torrents from your browser without installing any software. The premium services provide high speed downloading and ample cloud storage, but the free service does not do so much. Slow downloading and trouble with server caching makes it a frustrating experience.

So, how to solve the problem? You either sign up for the premium features or find an alternative. There are plenty of alternatives to ZbigZ, and they are all great, providing high speed downloading without server lagging. If you need lightning-fast speed or more storage checkout Bitport, Nody.me, or Megabox.me.

While popular torrent websites get taken down all the time, new websites take their place. In other words, there are many torrent websites to choose from.

Alternatives to ZbigZ


Leaving ZbigZ behind, one of the best alternatives is Bitport. Offering speed and stability, Bitport makes cloud torrenting a child play. Compatibility is also made possible where users can stream media files across many devices from PC, iOS devices, to Kodi. With advanced security measures, it’s difficult for ISP to track any torrenting activity on Bitport. Reliable servers are available for both free and premium users, so slow downloading is a thing of the past with Bitport. Since Bitport caches torrents, there’s no need to worry about a few numbers of “seeders.”

Bitport and Usability

It’s always wise to use a dedicated email to sign up for a free account. A free account gives users the ability to download one torrent every 24 hours, with a maximum size of 1 GB. Unlike ZbigZ, users can enjoy unlimited speed and bandwidth when downloading torrents.

They can also access the downloaded files via browsers such as Firefox and on the mobile app. With a premium account, users can take advantage of additional features including advanced virus scanning, five download slots, and encrypted connection. A basic package starts at $5/month, but users who prefer more power opt-in go for bigger packages.

By default, ISPs monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic. ISP can detect torrent activity and warn users accordingly. Users who don’t take their privacy seriously are subjecting themselves to heavy fines and (possibly) a court visit. Long-time torrent downloaders use a VPN service as an extra layer of protection. A VPN can also help users access blocked websites. It’s highly recommended to use a VPN service to obscure traffic, so it’s near impossible to track torrenting activity.

With a powerful cloud torrent clients and a VPN service, it’s easy for torrent fans to activate stealth mode and enjoy a certain level of privacy in the internet jungle.

Nody.me: ZbigZ Alternative

Nody.me is the coolest. With an intuitive design, improved accessibility, and built-in torrent search engine, torrent downloading is a breeze. Even beginners are comfortable around Nody.me as it doesn’t require a learning curve. It is supercharged, efficient, and supports download resume.

Users can bypass ISP monitoring and start downloading torrents in a few minutes. It is as easy as upload a .torrent file or copy\paste magnet links. Once the download is complete, they can use their favourite download manager to download the files directly. Affordable rates, accelerated download, increased privacy, what more can a torrent downloaders ask for?

Storage is never a concern with Nody.me as it can handle large and small files with the same quality.


Another superb alternative to ZbigZ would be Megabox.me. With ample cloud storage, downloading large files is fast and reliable.

Because of the downloading that works through secure servers on the cloud, it’s virtually untraceable. When it comes to features, Megabox.me has it all. Unlimited traffic, user-friendly interface, and even security add-ons. Megabox.me also provide legal, free torrents for users who are worried about their privacy. Not only can users browse a vast directory of torrents, but they also get to stream files directly without the need to download anything.

With an embedded video player, users can consume specific files within the torrent file. That’s how they never need to download the entire file before viewing. With premium features as low as $5/month, it’s a steal.

Megabox.me Premium Features:

  • Cloud storage with the ability to use download managers, such as Internet Download Manager for downloading files to a local storage device.
  • Easy to use interface that allows great flexibility.
  • Access to several torrent websites straight from the app.
  • Choosing files from within a torrent file.
  • Streaming video content online.
  • Compatible with most devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Affordable rates and friendly customer service.


No doubt, ZbigZ is a great cloud-based torrent client. But it’s not the only one out there. Alternate clients are as great and even better. It’s up to users to find and use them. As always, we advise all torrent lovers to take their privacy seriously and prioritize their safety. The alternatives mentioned in this article can and will help users navigate the torrent universe in stealth mode. In the end, it’s up to users to take care of hiding their identity while engaging in torrenting.

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