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If you belong to the vast majority of torrent downloaders, you probably use desktop clients such as uTorrent or BitTorrent. But Seedr is known as one of the fastest cloud torrent clients.

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It’s easy to grasp. A free account lets you download up to 2 GB of free cloud storage. And if you share your experience about it on social media, you receive more storage as a reward.

However, it’s an excellent method for downloading torrents when you are worried about your privacy as it’ll download the content for you. You can forget about ISP throttling/monitoring.

Unfortunately, nothing good lasts forever.

Seedr comes with its share of problems. Slow server, bugs, and absurd offers, just to mention a few issues.

So, what’s an excellent alternative to Seedr?
In fact, there’s plenty of alternatives to Seedr. Take your pick. Below, you’ll find out all about the big players in the cloud torrenting world. An Excellent Alternative for Seedr

Seedr alternative offers excellent value for a wide base of fans. Wanna know the best part? Intuitive design, fast downloads and excellent tech support.

It is more than a cloud torrent downloader. It is also a basic video player, social features, and a built-in torrent search engine. So you can view, share and stream torrent files without the need to download anything on your physical hard drive.

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The “Discover” tab also brings you the latest, popular torrents for downloading, which saves you time since other users downloaded those torrents. Otherwise, you can upload your torrent files or copy\paste torrent magnet links in the app, which isn’t always the fastest option with new or less seeded torrents.

Another feature worthy of mention is the ability to access your files through FTP using FTP clients such as FileZilla. That way, you don’t need to download your files separately through the browser downloader which is less than reliable. another Excellent Seedr Alternative

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When it comes to cloud torrenting various media files, apps like Seedr have simplified the process. Boiling it down to copy and paste. No advanced tech skills required.

The same applies to You never need to worry about download speed, uploading, share ratio. Copy the magnet link or upload the torrent file and let it do the job while you sit back and relax.

A free account isn’t the best, but it’s enough to give it a try. On the other hand, premium membership makes a lot of sense. At $9.90/month for unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, and 100 GB of cloud storage, it’s a no-brainer.

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Throw in another $10 and for $19.90/month you get the same features but with 300 GB storage. Granted, Seedr is cheaper. But if you were looking for a quality alternative to Seedr, is the way to go.

Bitport: The Ultimate Alternative to Seedr

Bitport cloud is the most established cloud torrent downloader on the scene. A strong contender represents an excellent alternative not only to Seedr but also to several others.

All you need to start downloading is your browser. Across all devices, you can store or stream your media, even iOS devices, including the iPhone. No software required. Though, the Bitport app on the iPhone allows you to store and play your torrents offline as well.

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Optimized for maximum anonymity and privacy, Bitport accepts payments through Bitcoin. As with other cloud torrenting clients, no need for VPN services. With an excellent 24/7 chat support, it represents an excellent alternative to Seedr.

Optimized for maximum anonymity and privacy, Bitport accepts payments through Bitcoin. As with other cloud torrenting clients, no need for VPN services, plus Bitport has an excellent 24/7 chat support. Given the facts, it represents an excellent alternative to Seedr.

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